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    Service Information and Details

    All services except Pre prepared / knocking in include a single grip – if more than 1 grip is required it is charged at £4.99 each.

    All services include re-labelling except pre-prepared and handle adjustment.

    A Re-handle without blade work only includes labels from the splice up.

    All services, except handle specific options, include choices of protective fittings (Scuff sheet, Protectoe, Edge Tape, Tuftoe).

    Everything - Blade & handle repairs + weight/shape adjustments as required + fittings.

    All Handle and Blade repair/refurb work with fittings (no weight/shape adjustments).

    Full blade repair/refurb with weight/profile adjustments (no handle work).

    Full blade repair (seal cracks) and refurb (no handle or adjustment work).

    Reduce weight and/or adjust balance/profile + clean up blade with fittings (no repairs).

    Basic service of the blade, strip, sand/clean and fittings + oil (no repairs).

    Replace broken / re-fit loose handle + bind/grip (no blade work, splice labels only).

    Strip handle (grips/binding) alter shape/thickness/shorten, rebind + grip.

    Knock in the blade and oil – with Toe guard/scuff sheet (no grips).

    Courier collection from you and tracked/signed for return shipping after the service (UK only).

    Tracked and signed for courier return shipping (1 bat).

    Tracked and signed for courier return shipping (multiple bats).

    If sending from outside the UK please contact us regarding return shipping costs. Currently the collection service is for the UK only.

    Can be added to a service for prioritised turnaround (Ts and Cs apply).