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    Please read the information below carefully and check 'I Agree' if you accept the Conditions of service:

    1. Guarantee:

      Repair and refurbishment work usually helps extend the bat lifespan and maintain blade performance. However, the challenging nature of the game means we are unable to guarantee the functional lifespan of the bat following repair, refurbishment or adjustment work, it is also possible repairs may open up again in play or new wear and tear / damage may become visible.

      Although we do all we can to deliver the cleanest finish possible, cracks will be visible to some extent after they are sealed/repaired, there may be some variance in the visibility of repair work relating to the extent of the damage repaired and positon of the of the work on the blade. Some marks caused in use / normal ageing (UV exposure sometimes ghosting old label patterns onto the blade for example) are not always possible to remove. Existing engraving/stamps will likely be reduced/removed in the cleaning process and cannot be re-applied, in cases where full removal is requested, some ghosting may remain.

      We do offer a post service guarantee in the form of a discount code to use on the Gray-Nicolls website. Unless otherwise advised prior to Gray-Nicolls working on your bat, we will offer a discount code (up to a maximum of 40%) to be used at in the event of the bat (or one or more bats from a multi-bat service) not lasting 3 months after return to you (damaged beyond effective repair in normal use). This may be validated by email and images, although we reserve the right to require the return of the bat to validate first hand if necessary.

      To make a claim for the code as part of the service guarantee you simply need to email with 2 clear images of the bat and your service order number/reference for us to appraise within 3 months of receiving the serviced blade, and as soon as possible after the damage has occurred.

      Weight reductions and profile alterations are undertaken to the best of our ability but ultimately are applied at the discretion of our bat makers. Due to the limitations that are dictated by the starting size, shape and weight of a bat, as well as considerations such as the structural integrity of the blade following the work, we are unable to guarantee that all weight targets can be achieved or that all requested shape alterations can be applied.

      If you feel we have not carried out the work as requested, this must be reported to us within 3 days of receipt (before using the bat) for us to investigate. If concerns regarding the work are not reported to us straight away, or the bat is used, it may not be possible to verify concerns raised or offer action to resolve.

      Please note some manufacturers/retailers may reject fault/warranty claims if a third party has undertaken repair or alteration work on a bat they have produced/sold, we do not take on liability for third party manufactured bats following servicing work applied by our workshop, other than the discount code described above.

    2. Bat Covers:

      Please do not return bat/blade covers with your bat – we are unable to guarantee they will be returned.

    3. Protective Fittings and Grips:

      Grips and labels are subject to availability. We will substitute as closely as possible where necessary.

      If no fittings/grip preferences are marked we will apply a standard finish of Scuff sheet, Protec-toe and 1 grip. Edge tape and a Tuftoe may be added at the bat maker’s discretion in such cases.

      We allow up to 3 grips to be fitted, however, variances in grip thickness and handle shapes/profiles means in some cases only 2 can be applied, or we may use different grips from those requested to accommodate (only 1 over Sorbo).

    4. Labels:

      The grade of bat cannot be changed in the re-labelling process (e.g. from a 4 star to a 5 star).

      Where a bat is received with the official/original front grade/model label removed, we will regrade based on our assessment of the cosmetic quality of the Willow and rebound performance, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific grade labels that do not match our assessment of the blade.

      In some cases it may be necessary to substitute or adapt the labels requested, due to availability or the shape of a particular bat, which we will undertake on a discretional basis as required (matching as closely as possible to requests).

      Key factors that will affect how labels sit once applied

      • They are hand applied to a hand crafted blade/shape so there is potential for some variance in terms of symmetry and inconsistencies over sharper areas of the profile (they are flat sheets applied to dynamic variable shapes).
      • Labels are optimally designed to fit specific models, we will accommodate requests to change or update the decals as far as possible (within stated policies), but this increases potential inconsistencies in the finish.
      • Used bats will accumulate some impurities into the surface Willow as used/stored (e.g. oil, variable moisture exposure, pitch/ball contact, scuff sheet / protective fitting adhesives) – this can undermine label contact in some cases on refurbished bats, even after sanding/buffing.
      • Labels are a cosmetic part of the cricket bat and will deteriorate with use, age and variable storage conditions, some “wear” may become apparent in early use.

      Re-handle only services do not include blade work, blade work includes stripping and cleaning to remove labels below the splice that are covered by tape or scuff sheets. Where this is not a Gray-Nicolls bat please note that we are unable to mix our classic refurb style labels with other brand labels left on the face, so the splice will be left blank after the work has been applied in such cases. If labels below the splice on the rear of the bat are also covered by tape then same would apply. If we have to remove tape and scuff sheets below the splice line to remove labels, it then requires us to sand, clean and buff the whole blade, which is a different service (Full Blade / Handle Repair/refurb)

    5. 3rd Party Bats:

      We are unable to offer options of labels from our stock range on 3rd party bats.

      However, a specifically designed classic label set is fitted to 3rd party bats as standard for a professional finish, unless otherwise requested.

      By working on a non Gray-Nicolls manufactured bat we do not accept financial liability in relation to the ongoing lifespan of the bat or take responsibility for any faults that may have been present before work was undertaken by us.

      Our discount code service guarantee outlined in clause 1 is valid against 3rd party manufactured bats serviced by us.

    6. Timescales:

      Turnaround time may vary but we estimate we will complete most online booked services inside 7-10 days from receipt. If not booked online we aim to be able to complete most services within 10-14 days of receipt.

      Estimated turnaround times are based on working days and exclude Weekends and Bank Holidays.

      Please note that communication after receipt regarding changes to preferences/work, quotes, payments, appropriate services, additional work and fittings options may delay the service.

      The timescales provided are estimated for guidance and if breached we will not be able to offer any refunds for correctly undertaken work and we are not liable (financially or otherwise) for any inconvenience caused by missed fixtures and training sessions while the bat is with us for servicing.

    7. Priority Processing Service:

      It is very important to ensure you have your service order number and the word Priority clearly visible on your package to ensure it is booked in correctly on receipt to enable the turnaround time.

      Where Priority Processing Services are booked we aim to despatch within 3-5 working days of receipt.

      Incoming and return shipping periods are not included as part of the 3-5 days allotted for the service.

      Weekends and Bank Holidays are also outside of the 3-5 days allotted for the priority express service.

      Extended periods of closure, for example over Christmas, would be considered outside the processing period for priority services.

      If extra correspondence is necessary to clarify details of the work required, viability of the work requested or for extra work not booked/noted, the 3-5 day period would start from conclusion and clarification of the correspondence.

      If bats are received/delivered after 2 p.m., the 3-5 day period will start from the next working day.

      If the 3-5 day turnaround is not achieved we will refund the Priority Processing Service charge as long as all information submitted when booking the service was correct and no changes or extra work added after receipt here by the company.

      If the 3-5 day timescale is breached we will not be able to offer any refunds for correctly undertaken work (other than the Priority Processing Service fee) and we are not liable (financially or otherwise) for any inconvenience caused by missed fixtures and training sessions while the bat is with us for servicing.

    8. Postage and Delivery:

      Please ensure the bat is securely packaged with the service order number around the handle (or completed service form if not using the online service).

      Postage Costs may be higher than listed for some remote areas or non-mainland areas such as the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands – please contact us before trying to use the collect and return service for these areas.

      Postage costs from or to destinations outside of the UK are likely to be higher than those listed, please contact us prior to returning your bat for detailed costing of shipping.

      Where goods are despatched by the company using a signed for service, we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of goods as a result of changes to the delivery service, made after despatch as an agreement between the courier (including any official representatives and drivers) and the receiver (for example requesting the package is left in a safe place or delivered to a different address). Such arrangements are made independently between third parties without the involvement or agreement of the company.

    9. Dropping off and collecting from our factory:

      Bats can be left at our Robertsbridge factory/offices Monday-Friday between and Please note that if you need advice about the work on your bat our factory hours are to Monday-Thursday and – 330 pm on Friday. Outside these hours (up until 5pm Mon-Fri) other staff may not be able to advise you on repairs and refurbishments but can take the bats in with the completed form and details.

      The factory is usually closed for weekends, bank Holidays and over the Christmas period and it is not possible top drop off or collect bats during these periods.

      Should circumstances arise beyond our control that result in the site not being open during normal scheduled hours, we do not accept liability for any costs incurred or inconvenience caused travelling to the factory to drop bats off.

      When bats are ready for collection from our Robertsbridge factory we will notify customers using the details they provided us with (email or phone) – please check email spam or trash folders in case any contact from us is filtered there.

      If bats are not collected (or alternative arrangements made - such as paid for delivery) within 6 months of notification they may be disposed of due to the limited storage space we have available. We will attempt contact at least 3 times before this is undertaken.

      In such cases we will not offer any refunds for work correctly undertaken. Additionally we are not obligated to offer replacement goods or financial compensation for any bats disposed of, outside the 6 month period stipulated.

    10. Collection Service:

      Our courier collection and return service can be booked up to 1p.m. the day before it is required – excluding weekends, bank holidays and extended periods of closure such as Christmas and New Year.

      The courier will not collect from a safe place so someone needs to be available at the chosen address on the day to hand over the package and sign to confirm collection. This can be a work address or friend / family address if more convenient.

      If using a business address please make sure you have included the business name in the address and any specific areas/instructions relating to where the package may need to be collected from (reception, goods in, despatch etc). The driver will not make contact directly on the day or when arriving at the collection address, so the package must be ready to collect from the designated address/place (e.g. reception).

      We cannot provide a collection time when the service is booked, although where possible (not guaranteed) our courier will provide a 1 hour collection slot on the day by text or email.

      Please ensure the bat is securely packaged for the courier (if sending more than one bat ensure they are in one parcel and not separate). If not packaged sufficiently the courier may refuse the collection and in in the event of a new collection being arranged we may have to apply additional charges to the service before returning the bat(s).

      If collection is attempted on the correct day and no one is there to hand the package over, or the package is not available/ready, charges would still apply or may be added for a second attempt.

      If a collection fails due to missing information, user input errors relating to the address or contact details, we will not be able to offer any refund for the collection service.

      Occasionally collections may be affected by circumstances beyond control – e.g. adverse weather conditions, road accidents, travel congestion and mechanical issues. We will re-organise collections free of charge in such cases. Please contact us ASAP to notify us of a failed collection.

      Where a collection does not take place as planned we are unable to offer any compensation or refund for inconvenience (including time taken off work).

    11. General:

      We may take pictures of bats in our possession for use in promotional and marketing material. By using this service you are allowing Gray-Nicolls to take pictures of your bat(s) while in our possession and use the images at the discretion of the company. Any such images taken are considered the property of Gray-Nicolls and will be used by the company without any notice or payment offered.